Terms & Conditions

Please note that while items have been prepared, cooked & plated separately for any dietary requirements  -  our kitchen does use allergen ingredients in other items.



By placing an order with Dusted & Delicious you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions:

All prices are subject to change. We reserve the right to modify or cancel orders, but will only do so after providing notice.

  1. We do our absolute best to deliver orders to the correct address at the correct time, but cannot take responsibility for circumstances beyond our control. If we have an unexpected issue with delivery we will endeavour to contact you and let you know as soon as possible
  2. Plates and equipment delivered remain the property of Dusted & Delicious. Please make sure plates are scraped clean and available for collection, usually the following business day after the order is delivered.
  3.  Any breakages, losses or damage to equipment will be at customer expense
  4. We invoice after catering has been supplied. Our payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice.
  5. For any jobs over $1000 we require a 40% deposit unless otherwise agreed.  The deposit is non refundable.



We are happy to drop our food off either plated and ready to serve, or packed for you to heat and eat at your leisure. We can also provide a full function service with staffing and set-up. Staffing can include wait/bar staff, duty manager/supervisor, and chefs. Staff are charged per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours each.

Set up/clean up costs

We deliver tea and coffee ready to be set on a table, with all provisions provided in a plastic tub which can be used at the end of your session to pack dirty cups etc for collection. Where practical coffee and hot water is delivered in pump pots ready to pour, or will just require hot water added. Serving plates are to be scraped clean, stacked together and available for collection, usually the following business day after the order is delivered. However if you require us to set up and/or clean down tea & coffee and/or food orders, this comes at a fee of $18 per half hour.


We are happy to arrange all your bar requirements, including non-alcoholic. Prices are quoted depending on your needs and budget. All alcohol is provided on a sale or return basis. 


We can organise all hire requirements for your function. Large items may incur an additional delivery cost. Please note that we do not provide cutlery & plates (disposable or not) with orders unless requested and at an additional cost. 


All of our platters are labelled with distinctive Dusted and Delicious stickers to help us identify plates at pick up. We also clearly label food vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free & vegan. Special diet meals are plated and labelled separately to main platters. There is a $1 charge for each plate where plating for individuals is required.  

Caring for our environment 

At Dusted and Delicious we are very conscious of food waste and disposable materials we use. We have made several positive steps to minimise these issues:

  • We use the fantastic Wellington City Council ‘Kai to Compost’
  • The council provides us with bins for all our food waste; this is collected at regular intervals to be recycled into compost
  • Although we prefer crockery, occasionally disposable is more convenient for our clients and ourselves. Our disposable plates, cups, cutlery and napkins are all biodegradable
  • We recycle all our plastic, paper, pens, cardboard, glass & cans
  • In our kitchen we recycle our fryer oil. The oil eventually finds it’s way to India where it is converted into car fuel!